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Bundy Browne and the Expresso Rhythm Section

Bundy Browne and the Expresso Rhythm Section is a musical fusion combining Country - Bluegrass - Rhythm & Blues - Americana styles with a hint of Reggae. Nine of the eleven songs on our new CD features originals written by Bundy Browne. 

Bundy Browne - Acoustic guitar, mandolin, vocals. Bundy began his professional career playing mandolin for the bay-area based country band, Shagbark Hickory. His musical styles can be traced back to Bluegrass and Blues. He’s played along side notable musicians such as Deacon Jones, John Lee Hooker, Robben Ford and Larry Carlton.  

Rick Sigman - Acoustic guitar, harmony vocals

Dennis Harper - Fretless Bass, harmony vocals

Casey Smiley - Drums

In 1978 Rick, Casey, Dennis, LC Chidester and Kurt Kieffer formed the acoustic/electric jazz fusion band “Expresso”. Their debut album “First Cup”, released in 1982 received rave reviews and the album’s extensive airplay led to the band playing shows with artists such as Albert King, Taj Mahal, Roy Buchanan, Tom Scott, Robben and Mark Ford, David Lindley, Larry Carlton, Norton Buffalo, The Dixie Dregs, Eric Johnson and Stevie Ray Vaughn to name just a few.

Bundy Browne: Bundy Browne & The Expresso Rhythm Section

Expresso - First Cup

Expresso's debut album, First Cup was originally recorded in 1981 and distributed in vinyl format. In 1995 the recordings were digitized have been re-released in CD disc and digital downloads. Original vinyl recording available upon special request.

 Contact rick@bigbasinmusic.com for details.

Expresso: First Cup

Expresso - 2nd Wind

It's been a long time coming! 2nd Wind is our long awaited follow-up CD to Expresso's 1982 debut album, First Cup.

2nd Wind was recorded in 1983, but never made it to vinyl, sitting quietly dormant for over 30 years. Finally, after renewed interest in completing this project, we transferred the  2 inch master "tapes" to digital, added a few finishing touches, mixed it down and are proud to share with you, 2nd Wind.


Expresso: 2nd Wind

Gary Gates Band Acoustic - Live at the San Gregorio Store

For more information on the Gary Gates Band and how to purchase his music, please visit www.garygatesband.com

Born 2 Soon - Message Delivered

Bringing together musicians from London, Bangkok and

San Francisco, Born 2 Soon set out to highlight the ills

of our global society, on a wide-ranging musical journey.

The resulting album, "Message Delivered" features songs by Gus Reynolds, Gary Gates and Rick Sigman that ask the big questions about politics, war, poverty, religion and inequality.

Check out the website where you can learn all about it. The music is available in both disc and digital download.



Justin Raffanti - Hippy Love

Great debut album from 19 year-old Justin Raffanti.

Please visit www.justinraffanti.com for more info.